Tech Innovations That Are Changing the Restaurant Industry

Tech Innovations That Are Changing the Restaurant Industry

Technology is one of your greatest assets in the restaurant industry as it gives you various ways to improve the guest experience. By utilizing modern upgrades, like tablet menus and online delivery software, customers can easily eat the delicious food you have to offer. For more knowledge on tech innovations that are changing the restaurant industry, check out the information below.

Digital Menus

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries found ways to get more use out of technology, including restaurants. Many eateries began using QR codes to give customers access to digital menus.

This isn’t the only way to enhance your menu; you no longer have to worry about paper copies with tablet menus. Plus, iPad menus allow customers to have a new experience as they can view popular options and even view photos of your food.


Purchase iPad restaurant menu software from eMenu to give customers a unique experience any time they visit your business.

Contactless Ordering and Payment

In addition to changing menus, customers can also order and pay for their food completely online. If these customers pair this ordering option with a delivery service, they may not have to come into any contact with restaurant workers. While the social experience is one reason many go out to eat, those living a life on the go may not always have time for this, so contactless options are more efficient.

This form of ordering and paying for services is also beneficial inside the restaurant if you utilize tablets at the table. Rather than wait for their server to return, your guests can place an order when they feel ready and pay at their leisure. This makes the dining experience feel like a luxury.

Improved Food Safety

The improvement in food safety is one of the most crucial tech innovations that is changing the restaurant industry. For example, some foods you cook require specific care and temperatures to prevent them from going bad. Thanks to updates in technology, you can change these temperatures wirelessly.

Often, this technology can send you alerts if things go array so that you can correct the problem before it impacts everything in your fridge. This saves you money, but it also keeps all your customers safe.

Improved Inventory Tracking

The way you track inventory has also transformed as mobile apps and other software make it easier to know what you have in real-time.

This is beneficial for two reasons. First, it gives you a better idea of when to place orders for new ingredients. Secondly, digital data tracking enables you to better understand the most popular items. By knowing what customers like best, you can tailor your menu around it to drive up sales and ensure your business thrives.

Reason You Should Lease iPad Wine Menus for Your Restaurant

Reason You Should Lease iPad Wine Menus for Your Restaurant

Your menu and wine list do a lot for a restaurant, as they show guests what fabulous options you have to offer. But a physical wine list can look confusing, not to mention it doesn’t give guests much of an idea for what food to pair with their alcohol. This is just one reason you should lease iPad wine menus for your restaurant—it makes what you offer clear. Keep reading this article to determine why this is the perfect asset for your business.

It’s Easier To Manage

Sometimes, you may run out of certain wines, and a physical menu won’t note this to guests; servers may also forget to tell customers this, leading to disappointment when you can’t fulfill an order. You can remove these items from a digital menu in a few simple clicks to prevent this scenario entirely.

You can also add and remove seasonal drinks or promotional wines from your listing by utilizing a digital menu. This is a great way to boost sales and provide customers with a one-of-a-kind tasting!

It Increases Wine Sales

Looking at a long paper list of wines feels overwhelming to a guest. On a digital menu, you can simplify things by categorizing the types of wine, then listing options once customers click into each category.

As you do this, you could also explain the wine, flavors, and even ideal pairings. Customers are more likely to order drinks if they understand what they’re getting. This also allows guests to decide what they want in a timely manner rather than ask the server for help as they weigh their options.

It Lowers Costs

When you use physical menus, you have to pay to replace them, whether they tear or wear out over time. If your menus look aged, customers may begin to question the quality of your restaurant. However, replacing menus costs money, especially if you use paper copies that require constant reprinting.

Why waste that cash when you can get tablet menus? This pays off and gives you more money to reinvest later. You could buy a wider variety of ingredients to add some extra flavor to the food or add other wines to your list.

It Improves Guest Experience

Guests look for a restaurant as a place that can provide a unique experience, so you need to stand out. By offering great food and drinks as well as interesting service, you remain fresh in their mind. This means guests are more likely to visit your business when they need the perfect place to eat or grab a glass of wine.


Now that you know the reason you should lease iPad wine menus for your restaurant, it’s time to add them to your eatery! At eMenu, you can purchase an iPad wine list software to enhance your business. With assets like this at your disposal, your restaurant will always have countless happy customers.

4 Ways To Give Your Restaurant a Competitive Advantage

4 Ways To Give Your Restaurant a Competitive Advantage

Customers have countless options to choose from, so you always want to remain one step ahead of the competition in the restaurant industry. With a couple of tips on ways to give your restaurant a competitive advantage, you can easily ensure you shine among your competitors. Get expert advice on how to keep customers pouring through your doors!

Carefully Choose Your Location

Our first tip is among the most important and occurs before you open up shop. Scope out a location in a highly visible area to make it easier for customers to spot and identify your business. Consider sites like street corners or somewhere near a shopping center.

Ideally, your location should center around your target market. Additionally, stray away from areas already packed with restaurants, especially if they’re similar to yours. While opening in those places may mean more options for your customers, they’ll lead to lots of unnecessary competition for you.

Know Your Competitors

Another way to give your restaurant a competitive advantage is to pay attention to your competitors. What food do they offer and what are the prices? What do they have that you don’t? You can better understand what customers find intriguing about your competition by noting these things. From there, you can use that information to improve your business.

Analyze Your Strengths and Weaknesses

No restaurant is perfect, but the best ones understand what they’re great at and what areas need improvement. Talk to customers about their meals to better understand where you may need to improve. Additionally, take time to check your online reviews to find out what people have to say; some may not vocalize complaints in person.


While dealing with negative reviews is challenging, don’t take them personally. Reading them is an opportunity to grow. For example, if a customer states that they received poor service, reach out to the individual to better understand what went wrong. From there, hold a meeting with your team to prevent this from happening again.

Make Technology a Tool

Nowadays, technology is everywhere, and if you want your restaurant to thrive, you’ll have to utilize this tool. Consider one or several of the following:

  • Have free Wi-Fi for guests.
  • Offer online reservations.
  • Keep your website user friendly.

In addition to these ideas, you may also want to use tablets for guests to order from. Not only are they easy to navigate, but they also allow you to make changes to the menu easily. If you offer a seasonal dish or drink of the day, you won’t have to waste money printing out extra menus since everything’s digital.


eMenu is a digital menu tablet provider for both food and drink options. You can easily change or update your menu to keep up with your customers’ demands. Best yet, with eMenu, you’ll shine among all your competitors. Make your business customers’ first choice when deciding on a place to eat.

Creative Ways To Increase Your Wine Sales

Creative Ways To Increase Your Wine Sales

Many restaurants make a fair share of their profits from wine, and you may wonder how they make this look so easy. We’ve covered some creative ways to increase your wine sales in this guide! By training your employees and offering a variety of wines, you’ll make it easier to appeal to your customers. Keep reading for more great tips that’ll optimize your restaurant.

Train Staff

A great way to boost your wine sales is to ensure your staff is well-versed on the subject and approachable to your customers. Employees should be able to explain the taste of certain wines and what they best pair with. This means educating your staff on all your options so they can transfer this knowledge to your customers.

Your waitstaff should know the wine aromas as well as the different flavors. Some customers may request a dry wine, while others prefer sweet. By being well-versed, staff can steer customers in the right direction.

Upgrade Your Menu

Your menu should be easy to read and list all your options. We also advise providing some ideas for food and wine pairings. With eMenu, you can upgrade to a digital wine list so customers can browse their options on a tablet. Best yet, this also allows you to showcase the best food to pair with their wine of choice.

Allow Tastings

Another creative way to increase your wine sales is to offer tastings. Customers may come across wines on the menu that they want to taste before ordering a full glass. Accommodate this by providing tastings. By sampling the wine options, your customer is more likely to appreciate the opportunity and may even order a bottle for the table once they find their favorite wine.

Pro Tip

When it comes to wine tasting, you could also allow customers to order a flight of wine. This way, they get to order a variety of wines, and you won’t lose profits.

Have the Perfect Selection

Aim to offer a variety of wines so everyone can find what suits their taste. In addition, experts recommend offering wines from various distributors since each taste slightly different. As you compile your wine list, remember to keep it appropriately sized, since too many options can feel overwhelming to customers and staff. And remember, your workers should easily be able to explain each option.