Pointers for Keeping Your Digital Restaurant Menu Clean

Pointers for Keeping Your Digital Restaurant Menu Clean

Cleanliness is an important factor when it comes to a restaurant. We all understand the value of wiping down tables and ensuring that dishes and silverware are spotless, but there are a few other things to consider. You may have hundreds of customers throughout the day, which could mean double the number of hands touching and grabbing your menus.

This isn’t to say that all your guests have dirty hands or anything, but the number of fingerprints, smudges, and bits of food that can get on your menus throughout a single day isn’t something to take lightly. Here are some pointers for keeping your digital restaurant menus clean and how you can help take better care of them.

Establish a Cleaning Regimen

One of the best ways to keep things clean and organized is to have a schedule. Having a set time of the day or week to collect the menus and clean them off helps make it a habit, and the people working those shifts will quickly understand that this task is part of their responsibility. We recommend picking a time of day when your restaurant is less busy so that fewer menus will be in use and your employees won’t be juggling too many tasks at once.

Always Have Cleaning Products Available

One helpful pointer for keeping your digital restaurant menus clean is to always have cleaning supplies on hand. Some of the most common cleaning supplies are glass cleaners, microfiber cloths, and disinfectant wipes. When you order supplies for your establishment, consider adding these valuable tools to your inventory.

Get Customers Involved

Naturally, you don’t want to ask your customers to clean the menus for you, but there’s a way that you can get them to play their part willingly. Providing guests with prepackaged wet wipes when you give them the menu encourages them to clean and disinfect their hands before using the menu without actively pressuring them.

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5 Ways To Improve Your Restaurant’s Menu and Sell More Food

5 Ways To Improve Your Restaurant’s Menu and Sell More Food

When putting together or adjusting your menu, there are many things you can do to make it more appealing to your customers. Here are five ways to improve your restaurant’s menu and sell more food to help improve your business.

1. Use Adjectives Wisely

There’s a delicate balance to strike when adding adjectives to make your dishes sound more enticing. If you add too many, your menu becomes cluttered and less interesting, but if you add too few, your dishes won’t sound as appealing. Use adjectives when helpful. If your dish has a signature sauce, consider describing it as savory or spicy. Let guests know the kale in their salad is organic or fresh. These descriptors emphasize the food’s selling points, appealing to guests.

2. Highlight Your Specials

If your restaurant has a signature dish, you want to ensure that guests know it. Many restaurants may try highlighting it so that it’s the first thing customers see when they look at the menu. If your eatery uses tablet menus, try to make the signature show up first and often as guests are scrolling or swiping.

3. Utilize Photographs

One of the best ways to improve your restaurant’s menu and sell more food is to use photographs for certain dishes. These photos are another great way to highlight specialty dishes and help paint a clearer picture of more complicated dishes. When guests have a clear image of something, it may help spark the always-welcome “Oh, that looks good” response.

4. Offer Pairing Suggestions

Upselling is the practice of trying to add additional items to an order to get more profit. For example, if you sell burgers and they come with fries, your server may recommend trying them with sweet potato fries or onion rings, which may cost extra, but offer a better pairing. Small blurbs recommending a certain side dish, wine, or appetizer with an entrée help promote a better culinary experience.

5. Prioritize the Layout

Many guests scan a menu the same way we read a book—starting in the top left corner and moving right and then diagonally down to the left again. Place exciting or appetizing dishes in these prime areas so guests will have a positive browsing experience starting from any given section.

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