4 Ways to Become the Most Popular Restaurant in Your Area?

What can be done to become the most sought out restaurant in your community? Popular enough to attract walk in customers wanting to wait to get a table, enjoying hanging out in your restaurant’s atmosphere? Here are a few quick tips or reminders how to create that buzz that draws, attracts and keeps customers not only coming but coming back.

First ‘the Menu’

Is every item perfect? So perfect you crave your own dishes? When you the restaurant owner or chef know it taste great you know it’s perfected for the customer, it’s a masterpiece. If you use a digital restaurant menu tablet you are able to catch the items appealing deliciousness with a picture or video. Seeing is believing, the sight of food and drink item’s stimulates the pallet and appetite, until the customer has your perfected dish right in front of them ready to eat. Having delicious food is the number one reason a restaurant becomes popular.

Second ‘have that employee called ‘the Detailer’‘

The detailer cleans the restaurant properly and thoroughly, not leaving chemical oder’s, cleaning wood floors so they are not left with a smell, even cleans base boards. Nothing should strike a customer except the soft aroma of food on entering a restaurant. Delicious smells attract people..

Third ‘Specials’

Specials keep existing customers coming back for one more great new delicious dish. It’s the repeat customer who’s out there talking up a restaurant to new customers, coming back with friends and family. Using a digital restaurant menu tablet allows trying new items and specials daily, being able to change, add or subtract to a menu at any time. Specials keep a menu exciting and new for a customer.

Fourth ‘treat every ‘Customer’ like a King or Queen’

Remembering names is a feel good for customers. What’s better than hearing ‘we go there because we love their customer service, they know who we are when we walk in the door’. Popularity can be created with attentive customer services, exceptional cleanliness, new daily items and food so delicious it creates cravings that stimulate customers to come back.

Does using a Digital Tablet Menu give you a competitive edge?

Using a digital tablet menu does give a restaurant a competitive edge, here are 3 reasons why:

  1. First, the fact that most people are visual gives restaurants an edge because the more a customer sees the more they order. It’s hard for most people to resist what looks so deliciously visually appealing. Desert alone has seen a huge success on the digital restaurant tablet menu. A great picture or video of a desert has a table ordering it, one restaurant in NYC has a video of a piece of chocolate cake with ice cream and cheesecake topped off with active sparkler’s. The visual display has increased revenues for a food item the restaurant never counted on doing this. When a customer sees menu items on the digital menu tablet they order more.
  2. Second, menu changes and updates can be made constantly. iI’s as easy as posting a pic or video on social media, a task even old timers can do. With a digital restaurant tablet menu and a box of sparkler’s on hand, that festive cake video can be changed out daily to a brownie, flan, a fruit pastry, an eclair, what ever desert is on hand. Being able to not only show every menu item but add new menu items and daily specials without a trip to the printers definitely gives a restaurant a competitive edge, not to mention the time and money saved on printing.
  3. Third, a digital restaurant tablet menu creates excitement at a table, associating your restaurant with fun forward technology, which has customers sharing menu items with friends on social media. The QR codes for sharing what is about to be eaten is an appealing feature to tech savvy Millennials. A generation that eats out 2-3 times a week, with a US population of 72 million and holding the highest population sect worldwide. Most people have a minimum of 100 social media contacts, one share introduces a restaurant to numerous new customers. The digital tablet menu is advantageous for attracting new customers and gives a restaurant additional marketing. A restaurant definitely has a competitive edge when using a digital restaurant tablet
    menu, customers order more, menu items can be changed as often as needed and marketing increase. Show a customer your menu digitally and watch your popularity and revenues grow!