4 Ideas To Improve Your Customers’ Winery Experience

4 Ideas To Improve Your Customers’ Winery Experience

Wine tasting is a popular and exciting event in which many people enjoy participating. If you have a restaurant and serve wine, there are many ways to use your wine list to enhance your guests’ overall experience. Here are some suggestions if you’re looking for ideas to improve your customers’ winery experience.

1. Flight Fridays

One of the best parts about wine tasting is sampling many different wines. However, the wine loses its freshness after the bottle has been open for some time, meaning a customer getting a taste from a freshly opened bottle will have a different experience from someone getting a taste from the bottom of the bottle. To give your guests a taste of multiple fresh wines in one evening, consider hosting a weekly or monthly event where parties can try small samplings of wine from different bottles. These events allow every group to sample wine from a freshly opened bottle.

2. Knowledgeable Staff

People feel more comfortable getting information from staff who know what they’re talking about. It may seem like a small step, but ensuring your team is knowledgeable regarding the wine they serve is a great way to improve your customers’ winery experience. Being able to answer questions about why the year matters or how wine from one region has a different flavor from another country or region is an important aspect of the job.

3. Something for Kids

Obviously, kids cannot partake in the wine tasting experience, but not every couple will have a sitter. To enhance the experience for your guests, consider having some activities available for kids. Many wineries offer grape juice tasting for younger visitors or provide tablets with engaging games to keep children entertained.

4. Questions for Customers

Not all customers are the same, and they have different tastes. To enhance their experience, we recommend asking them a couple of questions about their wine preferences. Finding out whether they prefer red or white wines or perhaps a sweeter flavor allows you to recommend drinks catered to their individual tastes, meaning your business can make a stronger impression.

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