4 Ways To Give Your Restaurant a Competitive Advantage

4 Ways To Give Your Restaurant a Competitive Advantage

Customers have countless options to choose from, so you always want to remain one step ahead of the competition in the restaurant industry. With a couple of tips on ways to give your restaurant a competitive advantage, you can easily ensure you shine among your competitors. Get expert advice on how to keep customers pouring through your doors!

Carefully Choose Your Location

Our first tip is among the most important and occurs before you open up shop. Scope out a location in a highly visible area to make it easier for customers to spot and identify your business. Consider sites like street corners or somewhere near a shopping center.

Ideally, your location should center around your target market. Additionally, stray away from areas already packed with restaurants, especially if they’re similar to yours. While opening in those places may mean more options for your customers, they’ll lead to lots of unnecessary competition for you.

Know Your Competitors

Another way to give your restaurant a competitive advantage is to pay attention to your competitors. What food do they offer and what are the prices? What do they have that you don’t? You can better understand what customers find intriguing about your competition by noting these things. From there, you can use that information to improve your business.

Analyze Your Strengths and Weaknesses

No restaurant is perfect, but the best ones understand what they’re great at and what areas need improvement. Talk to customers about their meals to better understand where you may need to improve. Additionally, take time to check your online reviews to find out what people have to say; some may not vocalize complaints in person.


While dealing with negative reviews is challenging, don’t take them personally. Reading them is an opportunity to grow. For example, if a customer states that they received poor service, reach out to the individual to better understand what went wrong. From there, hold a meeting with your team to prevent this from happening again.

Make Technology a Tool

Nowadays, technology is everywhere, and if you want your restaurant to thrive, you’ll have to utilize this tool. Consider one or several of the following:

  • Have free Wi-Fi for guests.
  • Offer online reservations.
  • Keep your website user friendly.

In addition to these ideas, you may also want to use tablets for guests to order from. Not only are they easy to navigate, but they also allow you to make changes to the menu easily. If you offer a seasonal dish or drink of the day, you won’t have to waste money printing out extra menus since everything’s digital.


eMenu is a digital menu tablet provider for both food and drink options. You can easily change or update your menu to keep up with your customers’ demands. Best yet, with eMenu, you’ll shine among all your competitors. Make your business customers’ first choice when deciding on a place to eat.

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