5 Ideas To Promote Your Most Popular Dishes

5 Ideas To Promote Your Most Popular Dishes

When you run a restaurant, you likely have a signature dish or a dish that’s popular with folks. When people find something special on your menu, it’s a good idea to home in on that and do what you can to promote the item to other customers. No one dish is going to be for everybody, but here are five ideas for ways to promote your most popular dishes to your customers.

1. Staff Recommendations

One of the most straightforward ways to promote a dish is to train your staff to recommend it to guests who may be indecisive. Explain why it’s good or how it’s a special dish for your restaurant. Many people will consider a legitimate recommendation from an informed staff member.

2. Weekly Specials

Using special days to create sales is a great way to boost certain items. Offering items at a discounted price or having a Buy One Get One deal one day a week is a great way to sell more of that dish.

3. Menu Photos

Having photographs of every item on your menu often makes them look clunky, cluttered, and difficult to read. Even with digital menus, it’s a good idea to use photos sparingly. However, the creative use of images to highlight your premium dishes calls attention to them in a way you may not get with only text.

4. Social Media Promotions

If you’re in the restaurant industry, promoting your most popular dishes on social media is always a good idea. You can post photos of the dish on your own page or encourage guests to share images with a clever hashtag. No matter what strategy you use, social media is an ideal way to show people the quality of your food.

5. Restaurant Decor

Another straightforward approach for recommending and promoting your most popular dishes is through restaurant decor. When guests enter your restaurant, they may see signs or photos of dishes on your menu. One of the greatest things you can hope for is a guest to walk in, see your signature dish and say, “Oh, that looks good.”

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