Creative Ways To Increase Your Wine Sales

Creative Ways To Increase Your Wine Sales

Many restaurants make a fair share of their profits from wine, and you may wonder how they make this look so easy. We’ve covered some creative ways to increase your wine sales in this guide! By training your employees and offering a variety of wines, you’ll make it easier to appeal to your customers. Keep reading for more great tips that’ll optimize your restaurant.

Train Staff

A great way to boost your wine sales is to ensure your staff is well-versed on the subject and approachable to your customers. Employees should be able to explain the taste of certain wines and what they best pair with. This means educating your staff on all your options so they can transfer this knowledge to your customers.

Your waitstaff should know the wine aromas as well as the different flavors. Some customers may request a dry wine, while others prefer sweet. By being well-versed, staff can steer customers in the right direction.

Upgrade Your Menu

Your menu should be easy to read and list all your options. We also advise providing some ideas for food and wine pairings. With eMenu, you can upgrade to a digital wine list so customers can browse their options on a tablet. Best yet, this also allows you to showcase the best food to pair with their wine of choice.

Allow Tastings

Another creative way to increase your wine sales is to offer tastings. Customers may come across wines on the menu that they want to taste before ordering a full glass. Accommodate this by providing tastings. By sampling the wine options, your customer is more likely to appreciate the opportunity and may even order a bottle for the table once they find their favorite wine.

Pro Tip

When it comes to wine tasting, you could also allow customers to order a flight of wine. This way, they get to order a variety of wines, and you won’t lose profits.

Have the Perfect Selection

Aim to offer a variety of wines so everyone can find what suits their taste. In addition, experts recommend offering wines from various distributors since each taste slightly different. As you compile your wine list, remember to keep it appropriately sized, since too many options can feel overwhelming to customers and staff. And remember, your workers should easily be able to explain each option.

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