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1560 Broadway, Suite 11111 New York, NY 10036

Call us Today: 1.212.944.5800

1560 Broadway, Suite 11111 New York,
NY 10036

FAQ (& concerns):

1. I don’t want to spend a lot of money buying iPads

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to buy iPads. eMenu offers a lease option. Actually, 95% of our clients prefer to lease the iPads rather than buy them, so there is no capital expenditure.

2. The iPads might be stolen

This is one of the top questions we get, but rest assured from the tens of thousands of iPads we have deployed, only a few have ever gone missing. Moreover, eMenu insures all iPads with no additional cost as part of the lease option. The iPads are locked down to help prevent theft and can be tracked down.

3. Customers may sit at the table longer and play on the iPads

According to a case study done by Marriott Orlando World Center for a period of 3 months, average sitting time increased by 4 minutes and five seconds. This same case study showed an increase of 8%-9% in the average check was reported (Click here to see a video testimonial of the case study). For security purposes the iPads can be locked down so that nothing besides the menu can be accessed. In addition, the eMenu’s can be setup ahead of time to cater to a business’ specific needs throughout the week. For example, a brunch menu can be arranged to only appear during weekends or a dessert menu can be taken down during rush hours to help faster service.

4. My customers are older and won’t like using iPads

You’d be surprised by how much people of all ages enjoy using eMenu’s iPads. We have many restaurants and social clubs with an “older clientele” that have been using iPad menus for many years and getting great feedback from their guests.

5. I wish I could try it so I can base my decision on experience and results

Well you can, eMenu has an option to try the solution for 3 months and based on the experience to make a decision. The 3 months aren’t for free but if you decide to opt out – there is no fee. Just send back the iPads.

6. It’s too expensive to use iPad menus

The average ROI – Return on investment is $7.15 back on every $1 that you spend on eMenu. So this is actually a great investment. Moreover, eMenu costs roughly the same as printing new menus every week. But rather than waiting a week to make updates, you can now make changes anytime, anywhere by a click of a button! Not only will you save on printing costs, but you’ll save hours of time dealing with updating the menu and printing.

7. I am not a tech guy and I don’t have the time to learn how to use iPad menus

The eMenu software is user-friendly and easy to use. You can update menu items with just a couple clicks, drag and drop items, 86, add or update an item by a few clicks. We provide training to make sure you are comfortable using the software and the best part is that you have a dedicated account manager that you can call email or text and he will do the change for you if you need him to do so. You aren’t by yourself as you always have your dedicated account manager to support you even with the small things.

8. I don’t want to pay extra for upgrades anytime your technology evolves

eMenu provides free software upgrades for life, so as the technology improves, you get the latest features at no additional investment.

9. It’s just not a fit for my restaurant- we are an old school restaurant

Old and classic establishments such as Old Homestead Steakhouse in Manhattan (the oldest steakhouse in Manhattan – opened in 1816) have tried eMenu and have moved to the next step. Owners of classic and old-school places understood the benefit of moving forward and being ahead of the game rather than being behind.

10. I already train my staff to upsell more expensive menu items

Unfortunately, not every server is going to be on their game to upsell your customers, but your iPad menus always will. Even the best waiters drop their attention in the rush hours and upsell less as they are focused on serving the tables. Using eMenu to feature items, test menu positioning, provide recommended pairings and analyze customer menu habits all help you sell more food and beverage and increase your sales.

11. But… I am still not sure I should even try it…

If you’ve read this far and we still haven’t convinced you to try it then maybe iPad menus just aren’t for you. That’s fine and we don’t expect them to be for everyone right now (but we are confident 90% of the restaurants will use iPad menus within the next 5-7 years). We think it’s better to be among the leaders in the restaurant industry and adopt the technology early to gain maximum benefit from it rather than be a late adopter. But if now is not the right time, keep us in mind for when you’re ready.


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