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Digital Menu iPad Design & Features

eMenu solutions range from start-up options to technology preferences

If you’re looking for a way to improve your restaurant, consider using digital menus on iPads. This upgrade enhances every type of restaurant by showcasing many choices. For instance, if guests don’t know what appetizer to pair with their wine, the menu will list some top picks. And with digital menus on iPads, your guests can also view vivid photos of your spectacular food options—nothing’s more mouthwatering than that.

The word that best describes every restaurant and hotel eMenu International has ever worked with is: UNIQUE. When it comes to creating the right plan for our clients, eMenu understands that one size does not fit all.That’s why we offer a wide range of options to get you started. More than 50% of our clients began with one iPad per table. Work with eMenu and test out a restaurant digital menu design today!


Wine List

If your wine collection is an important part of your prestige, it deserves to be presented in the most sophisticated and attractive way. There’s no better way to display your collection, and maximize your wine sales, than with an iPad wine list. Some of its capabilities include:

Picture enlargement – displays wines in vividly featured high resolution photos so sharp you can practically smell the bouquet.

Comprehensive descriptors – romances each selection with detailed characteristics from vintage year, origin, winery, reviews and more.

Filtering – helps customers narrow their search to specific preferences such as Italian or French wine, vintage year, origin, winery and more.

Language selection – enables customers to select their language of preference.

Pairing – suggests appetizers and meals that pair well with wine selections.

Icons – draws attention to specific wines as “recommended” and “top 100 Wines”.

Great food is what great restaurants are all about. And nothing showcases the dishes on your menu better than the eMenu program. It brings food to life with deliciously vivid photos along with enticing descriptions and irresistible pairing suggestions.
Words alone can never do justice to fine cuisine but with an eMenu iPad, your customers can view exactly what they’re ordering. Diners can also see your Specials temptingly depicted on screen rather than on a blackboard or paper insert.

Getting your interactive menu program set up is easier than you think. Especially when you have the experience of eMenu on your side. We’ve done this long enough to know that every establishment has it’s own unique needs and concerns. From budgets, timing and training to design and photography standards, eMenu’s collaborative approach can make it happen.

Support, Training and Analysis
eMenu International provides consulting, planning, implementation and training along with the interactive iPad and any other necessary hardware. For example, we provide a charging stand specially designed by eMenu to meet the needs of your business. Moving forward, we offer ongoing support – 24/7 availability – and software updates of new features and system enhancements.

The eMenu International software is available on Apple®iPads and Android®Tablets.
eMenu International uses the most innovative and advanced cloud-based intelligent information system available. This state of the art system enables you to control all data so you can easily update information such as changing dishes, pictures, prices, specials and more, within minutes.
Our software is a proprietary program exclusively developed by eMenu International. It’s already been proven in the field to increase revenue by as much as 10-14%. It’s patented and exclusively owned by eMenu International.


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