Another Round: Upselling Techniques for Bars

Another Round: Upselling Techniques for Bars

Upselling isn’t just about convincing customers to spend more money. You want to create a unique experience that makes your guests feel comfortable and appreciated. These techniques create regular customers and grow your bar’s reputation. Here are a few special upselling techniques for bars that everybody should know.

Value Employee Education

It’s easy to suggest the more expensive whiskey when your customer wants a Jack and Coke. But when the customer asks “Why?” make sure your bartenders can provide an answer beyond just wanting to create a bigger check.

Your bartenders should clearly understand what makes the more expensive whiskey better. Is this whiskey from a limited batch? Was the whiskey made in special barrels that add flavors not found in the well whiskey? The more your employees know about your products, the more they can express that knowledge to the customers, and informed customers are more likely to buy from an expert.

Build a Rapport With Guests

Building a sense of trust and comfort begins as soon as the customer walks in the door. Eye contact and a friendly greeting do wonders. When guests come up to the bar, make conversation, ask what they like, and use your knowledge of their likes and your bar to make recommendations.

Guests spend more time at a bar where they feel comfortable, and offering a recommendation based on their unique tastes makes them feel like your bar is a place that understands them.

Go for the Extras

Nobody likes pushy service but offering that little extra nudge is a valuable upselling technique for bars. Ask if the customer would like to make their drink a double. Tell the customer about any specials going on that are related to their drink of choice.

If your bar has an eMenu, let customers take their time with it. Making their own drinks through an iPad turns ordering into a fun experience, and your customer may want that extra shot of grenadine after all.

Now you know some tips for making customers feel more comfortable and relaxed in your establishment, teaching your staff the ins and outs of the menu, and having an iPad menu create a memorable experience to keep people coming back. At eMenu, you can purchase special menus such as iPad wine list software and much more.

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