Why Restaurants Need To Improve Their Wine Lists

Why Restaurants Need To Improve Their Wine Lists

It’s always a good idea to have an available wine list in your restaurant. Many people enjoy a nice glass of wine with dinner, and your selection should complement your entrees.

One of the biggest mistakes a restaurant can make is letting their wine selection grow stagnant. Markets and audiences are always changing, and it’s just as important to upgrade your wine selection as it is your menu. Here are some of the big reasons restaurants need to improve their wine lists and how doing so can help keep their business afloat.

Different Markets

Different age groups seek very different experiences at restaurants. While older customers may know that they prefer a sweeter white wine or a dryer red, younger crowds look for more adventurous options. Upgrading your menu to include some bolder wine pairings for your dishes may help your restaurant stand out with millennial diners.

Unique Experiences

Many restaurants work with larger distributing companies and end up with a selection of wine on par with what you’d find at a major grocery store chain. Your restaurant should provide diners with a unique experience, and that’s why it’s vital for restaurants to improve their wine lists.

The farm-to-table strategy applies just as well with local wineries as it does with fresh produce. Instead of keeping your pantry stocked with large names shipped from across the country, consider working with local winemakers and distributors to offer something other places may not have.

Perfect Pairings

One of the most notable advantages of improving your wine list is that it allows you to discover ways to pair newer wine selections with items on your menu. If you know how the flavor of your food pairs with the unique wine options on your list, you can use that as a tool to upsell to your customers. Creating individual recommendations that customers won’t be able to find elsewhere is a great way to ensure that you sell food and beverages together.

If you’re interested in creating a unique wine list or want to explore new technological restaurant options like iPad wine menus, eMenu International is here for you. Browse our helpful articles for improving your restaurant, and contact us with any questions about upgrading your restaurant menus.

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